About Ani Thomas


Ani Thomas is a primary care Nurse Practitioner who holds extensive health care experience in both acute and primary care. After completing her bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and obtaining her RN license in 2003, she worked in acute care facilities as a medical surgical nurse, organ transplant unit nurse, and many progressive nursing roles within hospital settings. After a career in acute care, she completed both a Graduate Diabetes Educator Certificate Program and a Nurse Educator Certificate Program in 2010, allowing her to take on the role of a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) in the community.

As a proven nurse educator, Ani is actively involved in training nursing students and staff to increase their clinical knowledge and skills. She completed the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program and obtained her NP license in 2014, allowing her to pursue a career in the role of a primary health care Nurse Practitioner.

Due to her ongoing interest in Community health issues, including mental health, LBGTQ+ health, health care accessibility, health care quality improvement, and indigenous health care, Ani has completed her Master’s in Community Heath (HPTE) at the University of Toronto. She is preparing to achieve PHD in Health education, in near future. She has volunteered for many health care services, including a health care mission in South India, which offered community health and midwifery service to a rural community in Tamil Nadu. Ani also enjoys traveling, reading, practising yoga/ meditation, and spending quality time with friends and family.

What is NP online?

Welcome to NP online. This is an online clinical resource guide that NP preceptors, NP students, and novice and experienced nurse practitioners in primary health-care settings can use for various teaching/ learning purposes. The resource will help NP students gain an in-depth understanding of the most common primary-care conditions and their clinical management explained in a simple, systematic manner by using Kolb’s experiential learning technique (ELT). Similarly, NP preceptors will find it useful to apply the ELT tools as illustrated in this curriculum at their respective teaching sites to make NP education more effective and learner-friendly. Additionally, this website provides a platform for nurse practitioners and students to network, discuss clinical cases, share practice concerns, etc. Please provide me your feedback and suggestions so I can evaluate the curriculum’s effectiveness and make pertinent changes.


To create a learning/ teaching portal for NP preceptors and NP students by using experiential learning principles to make the NP practicum more effective and comprehensive.


To enhance nurse practitioner students’ clinical knowledge in assessing and managing common primary-care conditions.


  • Develop a teaching resource for NP preceptors, enabling them to incorporate experiential learning and problem-solving techniques into their clinical teachings.
  • Provide NP students an effective learning experience by utilizing reflective learning and a problem-solving approach.
  • Create a clinical resource portal that will continue to assist NP students as well as novice and experienced NPs in their clinical encounters while managing common primary-care conditions.
  • Encourage consistency in learning/ teaching experiences across the institutions by promoting standard teaching/ learning tools.

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Common Primary Care Conditions

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December 6, 2018

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